G2P Program Payment Manager: Payment Interoperability Layer

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G2P Program Payment Manager: Payment Interoperability Layer

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This module extends the core G2P Payment Manager functionality to integrate with an external payment interoperability layer.

  • Sends payment information for designated payment batches to the interoperability layer API.

  • Supports automatic batch creation based on program cycles and configurations.

  • Maps beneficiary information (payee IDs) to the interoperability layer format using configurable rules.

  • Handles successful disbursements, updating payment statuses and reconciling records.

  • Provides information on completed payment processes through notifications.

Design notes

  • Built upon the existing g2p.program.payment.manager class, inheriting its core functionalities.

  • Utilizes the Odoo inheritance pattern for modularity and maintainability.

  • Relies on configurable settings for payee ID mapping and automatic batch creation.

  • Integrates with the external interoperability layer through its configured API endpoint URL.

Relationships with other entities

  • Internal Interactions: Collaborates with the g2p.program.payment.manager class for overall payment coordination and batch management.

  • External Integration: Connects to the external payment interoperability layer API for secure and efficient disbursement execution.


Relies on the base, g2p_registry_base, and g2p_programs modules for core functionalities and data models.

User interface

Menu Added

  • Submenu: Program -> Configuration -> Payment Interoperability Layer Payment Managers

  • Payment Interoperability Layer: Configuration views for setting up API URL


To configure the Payment Interoperability Layer module with the specified settings, please follow the given instructions:

  1. Payment Endpoint URL:

    • Open the Payment Interoperability Layer module configuration.

    • Locate the "Payment Endpoint URL" field.

    • Update the field with the desired Payment Endpoint URL.

  2. Payee ID Field:

    • Within the Payment Interoperability Layer module configuration, find the "Payee ID Field."

    • Modify the configuration to set the Payee ID field as required.

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