📔Verify Digital Credentials using 4Sure Application


This document provides step-by-step instructions to verify digital credentials using 4Sure app installed in a mobile device.


  • A user must have installed 4Sure app in his/her mobile device

  • A user must have installed Inji in another mobile device. The Inji wallet must have the user's national ID and the beneficiary ID

  • A user must have enabled Bluetooth in both the mobile devices


  1. Tap the 4Sure app icon in your mobile device.

The 4Sure app screen is displayed.

In the e-Cards screen, you can find options to add National ID card and Beneficiary ID card.

  1. Tap the + icon in the Add National ID tab.

The Scan QR code screen is displayed.

The below screen waits for the beneficiary to share his/her e-Card (national ID) stored in Inji wallet.

  1. Click the Disconnect button to go previous screen.

Once the national ID is shared, the details of the national ID are auto-populated in the e-Cards screen.

  1. Click the Authenticate button to capture the present picture of the beneficiary.

The beneficiary must position his face within the frame as shown in the below image to capture the his/her picture.

  1. Click the Capture button.

In the Preview dialog box,

  1. Click the Authenticate button to re-confirm the captured picture.

  2. Click the Re-take button to recapture the picture.

The captured picture is recorded in the e-Cards screen and it shows Authenticated.

  1. Click the + button in the Add Beneficiary ID tab.

Follow the same procedure from 2 to 7 mentioned above to populate details of Beneficiary ID in the e-Cards screen. The details of National ID and Beneficiary ID are populated in e-Cards.

  1. Click the Match button.

If the UIN of the national ID and beneficiary ID are matched, then a message on successful verification of digital credentials is displayed.

  1. Click the BACK TO HOME button.

The e-Cards screen is displayed to verify another beneficiaries' digital credentials.

If the UIN of the national ID and the beneficiary ID do not match, then an error message is displayed.

4Sure App does not store the details of the beneficiary in the back-end. It is an app used only to verify the digital credentials of the beneficiary.

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