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OpenG2P is an open-source platform that enables governments and humanitarian organisations to deliver critical social benefits directly to those who need them. It facilitates the building of secure, inclusive and efficient registries and digital cash transfer delivery systems.
OpenG2P is a Digital Public Good (DPG) recognised by the DPGA and a significant building block of a country's Digital Public Infrastructure (DPI). OpenG2P contributes to the G2P transfers DPI layer in a digital economy, while leveraging DPGs in other categories. Its modular and interoperable technology augments existing systems in countries, without discarding what works or starting from scratch.
OpenG2P offers several modules to digitise processes of the social benefit delivery chain, including both beneficiary-facing and government-facing processes. The platform is modular, interoperable, scalable, and secure. It provides user-friendly interfaces for program managers, frontline workers, and beneficiaries to digitally interact with a country’s social protection programs. It also helps policymakers at higher levels of government get a bird’s eye view on program performance, beneficiary coverage, and public expenditure.
End-to-End process of the Social Benefits delivery chain
OpenG2P is built on a bedrock of good practices and principles that drive our work towards empowering populations around the world through technology.
Guiding principles
The OpenG2P code is currently available on GitHub under an MPL 2.0 licence. It is currently housed in the International Institute of Information Technology, Bangalore (IIITB), a non-profit research university.
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