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Bootstrapped by DSTI and the Government of Sierra Leone,The Mifos Initiative and Fynarfin, “OpenG2P” aims to provide a confluence for and solutions to effectively digitize government to person, and large-scale social protection transfers. It is a set of digital building blocks helping SPs digitize key cogs & address gaps in the delivery chain of targeting & enrollment, list management, payment digitization, & recourse.

OpenG2P comprises of several projects (blocks), each addressing a single key pain point in the delivery chain. These can be used independently of the other blocks depending on a program’s gaps or as a package seamlessly integrated to provide an end-to-end solution kit.

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OpenGP Building Blocks



A ERP, built on the Odoo ERP, for managing programs, enrollment, beneficiary data, disbursements, complaints, and more

OpenG2P Toolbox

OpenG2P Toolbox

A collection of tools and scripts for deploying, running production instances, and migrating data to OpenG2P

Disbursement Engine

Disbursement Engine

Abstraction layer and tooling for integrating with the financial system through existing payment rails and payment initiators

Deduplication Engine

Deduplication Engine

Extensible entity resolution framework for deduplicating and finding/matching beneficiaries usually lacking unique identities

Mobile Enrollment

Mobile Tools

Mobile-based solutions to enrolling, complaint handling, & beneficiary management in resource-challenged rural & perimeters

Verification Service

Verification Service

Abstraction layer and tools for connecting to identity sources, e.g. civil registry, & verifying beneficiary identity against

E-Vouchering Service

E-Voucher Service

Solution for serving beneficiaries outside the reach of the formal financial sector or running conditional cash transfers

Receipt Service

Proof-of-Receipt Service

Solutions to irrefutable proof of receipt, asserting recipient's uniqueness, & running "non-preassembled list" transfers

Discovery Specification

Discovery Specification

Open specification for information sharing among independent programs serving similar demographic

Why OpenG2P

As governments across the world respond to the economic fallout of COVID-19, they are being hampered by their digital infrastructure: rickety, dated, and incapable of serving portions of the population in a targeted and timely manner.

OpenG2P is an opensource and collaborative approach to helping governments and humanitarian organizations worldwide provide critical and often lifesaving social nets to its vulnerable

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OpenG2P emerged out of the 2014-2016 Sierra Leone Ebola Payments Program, bootstrapped by the DSTI, GoSL, iDT Labs, Mifos and partners and is now being developed as a Digital Public Good.

OpenG2P depends on an active community of volunteers. Anyone can help with defining challenges, delve into the Github backlog, and improve the documentation on this site.

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