SPAR Release Notes for 1.0.0

Release version: 1.0.0

Release date: 3rd May 2024


SPAR Release 1.0.0 represents a fully functional ID Account Mapper (one of the components of the DPI building blocks) as articulated by the CDPI literature. In addition to the ID Account Mapper, the SPAR Release 1.0.0 also includes a Self Service module, using which, beneficiaries can login themselves into the SPAR Self Service system and maintain (link, unlink & modify) a mapping between their IDs and their Financial Address (Bank Accounts, Mobile Wallets).

Features of this release

The SPAR subsystem has 3 components, viz. openg2p-spar-mapper-api, openg2p-spar-self-service-api & openg2p-spar-self-service-ui. The features provided by these components are listed below


  1. link, unlink, update and resolve REST APIs as specified by the G2PConnect specifications


  1. Static persistence for Banks & Wallet Service Providers to facilitate self service maintenance of Account (Financial Address) in the Mapper

  2. link, unlink, update and resolve REST APIs from a self service perspective - Consumed by the UI layer

  3. link, unlink, update and resolve - Integration with mapper-api using G2PConnect APIs - Consuming the Mapper APIs

  4. Integration with OIDC-OAuth2.0 based Login Providers with a Functional (or Foundational National ID)


  1. A simple user-friendly UI to facilitate beneficiaries query the ID-Account-Mapper using their ID and displaying Financial Address (Account information) against the ID

  2. UI layer to facilitate construction of Financial Address (based on the construction strategy) using the Bank Codes, Branch Codes, Wallet Service Provider Codes etc.

  3. Login using OIDC-OAuth2.0 based Login Providers like E-Signet, Keycloak etc.

Release contents


To deploy this release on Kubernetes refer to the deployment guide.

Limitations and known issues

  1. Release 1.0.0 has been tested with limited scale. Load testing and performance benchmarks are planned for Release 1.1.0

  2. REST API security for Mapper APIs (openg2p-spar-mapper-api) - While the self-service-apis are secured using Auth tokens (from OIDC-OAuth2.0 Login Providers), the mapper-apis will need a JWS Token based authorization for partner systems. This has been described here.

  3. You can find the full list of Jira issues/backlogs here.

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