📔Import CSV File to Registry Module

This document provides instructions to import .csv File to Registry Module.


  • The user must have access to the Registry module in OpenG2P systems.


Registry screen is displayed.

  1. In the menu bar, click the Individual tab.

Individual screen is displayed.

  1. Click the Action icon and then select Import records.

Individuals Import a File screen is displayed.

  1. Click the Upload File button.

  2. Browse for the file location and upload the file.

Below the File Column, the name of the fields are populated from the .csv file. You need to map the field names from CSV file with the associated Odoo Field name.

For example, the mapping of the few fields are given below.

Field name in .csv fileMapped to Odoo Field Name




Registrant IDs / ID Type


Registrant IDs / Value


Given Name

Similarly, you must map the rest of the fields.

  1. Click the Test button to validate the mapping.

A pop up message Everything seems valid implies that the mapping of the field is successfully validated.

  1. Click the Load File button to upload another csv file for validation

  2. Click the Cancel button to exit from the screen.

  3. Click the Import button to import the csv file after successful validation.

The files are imported to the individual registry dashboard.

This completes the process of importing .csv file into the individual registry.

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