📔Create a Project for a Program


This document provides instruction to create a new project for a program using ODK Central.


  • ODK Central must be deployed and available

  • The user must have valid credentials to login ODK Central

  • The user must have an Administrator role in ODK Central. See Create User and Assign Role guide.


  1. Login to ODK Central.

  2. In Projects, click the +New button to create a new project.

  1. Create Project screen pops up.

  1. Enter the name of a new project of a program in the Name field.

  2. Click the Create button to create a new project in a program.

  3. Click the Cancel button to exit from the Create Project screen.


Provide the project name same as the program name for which the form is created.

For example, here a new project is created as Safety Net Program.

You can find the newly created project Safety Net Program listed in the ODK Central home screen

This completes the creation of new project for a program using ODK Central.

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