📔Configure G2P Connect Payment Manager

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This document provides instructions to configure G2P Connect Payment Manager in the Program module.


  • The user must have a Registrar and Administrator role.

  • The user must have access to the Program module in OpenG2P systems.


Programs screen is displayed.

  1. Click the Configuration in the menu bar and then select G2P Connect Payments Managers.

G2P Connect Payment Managers screen is displayed.

  1. Click the Create button.

G2P Connect Payment Managers/New screen is displayed.

The fields and their descriptions are given below.



Enter the G2P payment manager name.


Select the appropriate program from the drop-down.

Automatically Create Batch

Click the check box to create payment batches automatically while preparing payment for a cycle.


Displays the type of currency

File Document Store

Select the appropriate storage space to store the beneficiary documents. The available storage space are:

  • Default S3 Document Store

  • Payments File Store

  • Voucher S3 Document Store

For example, if the benefits are delivered via voucher to a beneficiary, then choose the option Voucher S3 Document Store to store the beneficiary's voucher.

Batch Tags



Displays the name of the batch tags

Max Batch Size

Displays the maximum count of batch size


Filters the batch based on the criteria

Render per payment instead of batch

Click the check box if each payment is to be rendered individually instead of batch payment

File Config

Select the file configuration from the drop-down

Payment Config

Payment Endpoint URL

Specify the URL for payment disbursement.

Status Endpoint URL

Specify the URL for payment status.

API Timeout

Set the maximum time (in seconds) for the API request to complete.

Status Check Cron Enabled

Click the check box to enable cron job.

Status Cron Job Interval Minutes

Specify the time interval of the cron job.

Filter Batches to Send

Filter the batches based on disbursement mode. The disbursement can be cash on hand, digital transaction and voucher payment.

Payee ID Field

Select the appropriate value from the drop-down. It auto populates the ID Type for Payee ID, Payee Prefix, Payee Suffix fields.

ID Type for Payee ID

Enter the type of ID used for payees

Payee Prefix

Add a prefix to payee information. It is mandatory only for all options

Payee Suffix

Add a suffix to payee information. It is mandatory only for REG_ID.


Set the locale for language and formatting preferences.

  1. Click the Save button to configure the new G2P payment manager.

  2. Click the Discard button to exit the screen.

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