Verifiable Credentials Issuance



Social Registry can issue credentials in the form of Verifiable Credentials (VC). These can be downloaded into the beneficiary's digital wallet or printed on paper as a QR code upon authentication. These credentials can signify that this person is part of this Registry. Sometimes also called e-cards. Some example use-cases; Farmer Regsitry e-Card, etc.


  • Social Registry exposes OpenID for VCI APIs. A wallet can use these APIs to retrieve the VCs.

  • The content inside the VC can be configured without modifying the code.

  • Any functional/foundational ID can be configured for authentication. For example, if the Registry contains National IDs (or National ID tokens) of individuals, and a valid eSignet authentication mechanism (or similar) exists against the given National ID, then the credential can be issued.

    • Future possibilities: if a unique ID is issued by the social registry itself, then that can be used to authenticate and retrieve the credential.

Source code and configuration

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