Fluentd Install

Fluentd is used to parse logs generated by applications.



  • The following utilities/tools must be present on the user's machine.

    • kubectl, istioctl, helm, jq, curl, wget, git, bash, envsubst.

  • Keycloak for Authentication and Sign-in to UI

Fluentd Installation

Rancher Fluentd configuration

  • Run this to create ClusterOutput (This is responsible for redirecting all logs to OpenSearch.)

    kubectl apply -f clusteroutput-opensearch.yaml
  • Run this to create a ClusterFlow (This is responsible for filtering OpenG2P service logs, from the logs of all pods.)

    kubectl apply -f clusterflow-all.yaml


Note the filters applied in clusterflow-all.yaml. You may update the same for your install if required, and rerun the apply command.

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