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OpenG2P is an open source software. How secure is it?
In general, for any product, security is handled at multiple levels.
Product security features
We have privacy and security features embedded in our product and we are constantly striving to add more such features. Please refer to above note.
OpenG2P is built over Oodo ERP which is elected as the best secure open source ERP by OWASP in 2021. This is because of the extensive work by the community on the underlying platform. OWASP is the largest security reporting system in the world.
OpenG2P has adopted all the best practices of Oodo. OpenG2P has also adopted the GitHub security validation and have been regularly scanned by GitHub for dependency security.
Deployment of secure infrastructure
While deployment infrastructure is a choice of the implementer/System Integrator we offer secure production-grade deployment reference architecture for implementors. This secure infra comprising of Kubernetes, Wireguard, Istio etc offers high level of data and access security.
Security policies and processes
OpenG2P team can help review security policies defined by the Governement/System Integrator.
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