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OpenG2P has a flexible architecture that allows governments and social benefit delivery systems to choose modules per their needs. Using the OpenG2P platform, governments can digitalise the benefit delivery end-to-end and gain significantly in terms of efficiency, ease of administration, speed, cost, and convenience for the beneficiaries. The platform is built for inclusion and has supporting features. For example, beneficiaries in remote areas without network connectivity can be registered offline.

Functional architecture

The above diagram depicts the offerings of the OpenG2P platform. These include:
All the modules are designed to be installed and used standalone. However, the full power of OpenG2P can be harnessed if all the modules are used in conjunction with each other.

Guiding principles

Interoperability of components across DPGs is being established by implementing interfaces defined by emerging standards like G2P Connect. Lean more >>.
The platform design and deployment embodies privacy and security of user data. Learn more >>.
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