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Release Notes

Release version: 1.1.0

Release date: 7th August 2023


OpenG2P 1.1.0 is a public benefits delivery platform based on Odoo 15.0. This release comes with improved user experience through intuitive development and multiple rounds of testing and inculcates feedback collated from various pilot and test runs across different countries.
OpenG2P 1.1.0 focuses on the core needs of our stakeholders from start to finish. Many more changes are underway, but here is a quick list of all the key features and functionalities covered in this release.

Features of this release

  • Registry with security and privacy features
  • Tokenization of identifiers (foundational ID)
  • Bulk import and export
  • Deduplication using MOSIP ID or any ID platform
  • Offline registration using ODK
  • Registration over REST API
Program Management
  • Creation and configuration of multiple programs
  • Configuration of eligibility and other managers within a program
  • Proxy Means Test plugin
  • Rule-based eligibility
  • Multi-stage approval based on user role configuration
  • Role-based access control for program administrators
  • Payments integration with Mojaloop (Technology demonstration)
  • Cyclical and cycle-less payments
Voucher based benefit delivery
  • Digitally signed QR Code
  • Template-based voucher design
  • Voucher scanner Android app (reference implementation)
Immediate individual assistance on-demand workflow
  • Configuration mult-stage approval process from application to delivery of benefit
Self service portal
  • Login using e-Signet and MOSIP ID
  • Self-enrolment into a program (on-demand assistance)
  • Multi device UI
  • Support for upload of documents
  • Interactive dashboard
  • Real-time status updates
Service provider portal (reference implementation)
  • Reimbursements to service providers against a voucher
  • Generation of payments instructions
Document management
  • Upload and view
  • SMS
  • Email
i18n support
  • Back office application configured for multiple languages
Monitoring and reporting
  • Debezium-Kafka-Elasticsearch-Kibana pipeline
  • Customisable dashboards
  • Real-time updation of data
Kubernetes based production deployment infrastructure
  • Helm charts
  • Instructions and scripts to deploy on Kubernetes

Release contents

Source code

Github repository
Odoo 15.0
Odoo 15.0
Odoo 15.0
Odoo 15.0
Odoo 15.0
Odoo 15.0
Odoo 15.0
Odoo 15.0
Odoo 15.0
Odoo 15.0
Latest 'main'
Shell scripts
Helm charts
Shell scripts, Python
Shell scripts

Build and deploy

  • To build and run this release as a developer refer to the guide here.
  • To deploy this release on Kubernetes refer to the guide here.

Test report

  • Testing methodology: Manual
  • Test results
Test Case Tracker

Limitations and known issues

  • Document and file upload support is not available with Registry REST API. #G2P-1011​
  • Issue with merging registry records. #G2P-180​
  • Multiple configurations for a program is not supported. #G2P-206 #G2P-1047 #G2P-1048 #G2P-1072​
  • There is an issue with program duplication caused by multiple dependencies when attempting to run a deep copy. #G2P-1040​
  • The application status changes to 'Completed' when an entitlement is approved instead of when the payment is sent. #G2P-1060​
  • A program can be deleted only after manually deleting all the configuration managers within the program, even when there are no beneficiaries linked to the program. #G2P-1041​
  • On the Self Service Portal, there is no multilingual support for client generated text. #G2P-336​
For a detailed list of issues, refer here.
Copyright © 2023 OpenG2P. This work is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution International LicenseCC-BY-4.0 unless otherwise noted.