OpenG2P is an open-source social benefits registry and delivery platform that enables digital cash transfer from Government to Person. The platform offers interoperable components for digitizing and automating service delivery and enables inclusive and efficient delivery of benefits.

OpenG2P was set up with the vision to accelerate social protection, financial inclusion, and digital development. These are the guiding principles behind the OpenG2P vision.

OpenG2P is a Digital Public Good (DPG) recognized by the DPGA and has received contributions and support from multiple organisations and implementers. The project, co-founded by the Government of Sierra Leone and UNDP and supported by Mifos in the early stages, is now housed in IIIT Bangalore, a not-for-profit university in India.

The platform offers people-facing processes such as onboarding into schemes, identity verification, and cash transfers to their bank accounts. It also incorporates government department-facing features such as the creation of registries and beneficiary lists, eligibility checks, scheme definition, payment disbursement and reconciliation.

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