Developer Mode


OpenG2P platform allows program administrators to configure low-level changes in developer mode by adding additional menu items. The table below shows the list of menu items available only in developer mode.
Menu Item
Configured Functionality
Settings-> User and Companies -> Groups
Create a custom group and add the users to this group
Settings-> Technical -> Fields
Used to configure compute fields from other fields using a formula; these computed fields are used in the Proxy Means Test
Settings-> User and Companies -> OAuth Providers
Setup OAuth2.0 and OIDC-based login providers such as e-Signet
Apps-> App Store
Used to discover new apps
Apps-> Updates
Shows the status of app updates
Apps-> Update apps list
Used to view the list of apps that need updates
Apps-> Apply Scheduled Upgrades
Used to configure scheduled updates to the installed apps
Settings-> Translations-> Language
Shows a page for all the languages that are supported by the platform
Settings-> Translations-> Import\ Export-> Import Translation
Used to import a translation file in .csv, .po, and .pot format
Settings-> Translations-> Import\ Export-> Export Translation
Used to export translation file in .po, .csv, or .tgz file for the selected app
Settings-> Translations-> Application Terms-> Translated Terms
Used to view the list of translated terms in the languages that are currently active on the platform
Settings-> Translations-> Application Terms-> Generate Missing Terms
Used to generate a .po, .pot, or .csv file with all the terms with missing translation
Settings-> General Settings-> Languages-> Manage Languages
Used to manage all the languages that are supported by the platform
Settings-> General Settings-> Companies->Document Layout->Layout
Used to select the layout for document
Settings-> General Settings-> Permissions-> Import-Export and Show Effects
Used to import data from CSV/XLS/XLSX/ODS files
Settings-> General Settings-> Performances
Used to enable profiling tool till a user-specified date
Settings-> Website-> Domain-> Country Group
Once the selection of available websites by domain is done, user can filter by country group
Websites-> Configuration-> Websites
Used to create/update websites
Websites-> Configuration-> Redirects
It creates and configures a rewrite message which is displayed according to the actions.
Websites-> Configuration-> Menus
It helps to create a new website menu and configure the forms to be displayed under the parent menu or child menu.
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