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OpenG2P platform uses the ODK Collect App to collect and manage the registrant information. The app can be used offline to carry out field registrations in areas without Internet connectivity. The registrant details are uploaded to ODK Central once the agent moves to an area with internet connectivity.
The app also has an integrated QR code scanning application to scan the ID card of the registrant. The scanning application automatically populates the KYC data of the registrant in the ODK form and verifies the digital signature to establish the card's authenticity.


ODK is an open-source toolkit that uses offline forms to collect data. ODK Collect is the client-side app, and ODK Central is the server-side app. Learn more about ODK here.

Registration process

Registration using the ODK Collect App is a three-step process.

ODK Central Configuration

This step is performed by a program administrator/manager. To enable the field registration agent to collect information on the ODK Collect App, the program administrator/manager has to do these necessary configurations:
  • Program creation - To learn the steps, click here.
  • Create ODK form in ODK Central - To learn the steps, click here.
  • Provide ODK form access to the field agent- To learn the steps, click here.

Field registration

The field registration agent downloads the ODK form using the ODK Collect App. To learn the steps, click here.
After downloading the app, the agent visits the field and follows these steps for registration:
  • Captures the registrant's consent and records it
  • Scans the ID card of the registrant to populate the KYC data of the registrant
  • Records further information such as household size, income, and home size
  • Submits the registrant's information
The submitted forms are uploaded to ODK Central once the agent moves to an area with internet connectivity.

Create ODK MTS Connector

A program administrator must create an ODK MTS Connector to map the ODK forms in ODK Central to the OpenG2P registry. MTS Connector is the glue that holds ODK Central, MTS, and OpenG2P Registry together.
The ODK MTS Connector regularly queries the ODK Central for submitted forms. Whenever forms are available, the MTS Connector maps the KYC data from them to send to MTS. MTS outputs an authentication token for each KYC data after performing ID verification. The authentication token is the proof of the registrant's authentication by the MOSIP ID Authentication system.
Post authentication, the MTS Connector maps the registrant information from the submitted form and the authentication token in the JSON format understood by OpenG2P. The connector then calls OpenG2P Rest APIs to populate the OpenG2P registry with the JSON object.
To learn the steps to create an ODK MTS Connector, click here.

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