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Social Payments Account Registry (SPAR)


The Social Payments Account Registry (SPAR) is an extension of the ID Account Mapper that maintains a mapping of a user ID and Financial Address (FA) like bank code, account details, mobile wallet number, etc., primarily aimed at cash transfers in a social benefit delivery system. SPAR implements the functionality of an ID Account Mapper with additional feature of offering a self service portal for a beneficiary to add/update his/her FA. While in countries like India, the ID Account Mapper is updated by a bank (after authenticating a beneficiary), this may not be immediately feasible in many countries as all FSPs need to integrate with ID Account Mapper. In such situations, social welfare department can install SPAR and offer self service update, or via an agent. Of course, one important assumption is that online ID authentication mechanism is available in the country via APIs. For example, in MOSIP adopting countries both biometric and OTP based authentication is available.
SPAR is powerful inclusion tool as it gives end users ability to choose how they would like to receive the benefits.
SPAR may be housed centrally in a country as a building block of the Digital Public Infrastructure (DPI). Alternatively, a social welfare department can house it and enable other departments to use the same for cash disbursements.
SPAR architecture diagram.

Functionality and features

  • Mapping of ID to FA.
  • Many-to-one and one-to-one mapping of ID to FA.
  • Self Service Portal for update of account information
  • Login via National ID (using eSignet)
  • Multiple IDs may be added for the same user
  • G2P Connect APIs to query and update FA
  • Bulk upload by Admin or FSPs like bank, or Govt Department after authentication
  • Notification to the user via SMS/email (TBD)
  • Change log (TBD)
  • Transaction log (TBD)
  • Signature verification for clients (partners) via integrations with MOSIOP's Partnermanager & Keymanager (TBD)


ID Account Mapper

  • ID Account Mapper compliant with the G2P Connect interface
  • Database of ID and FA. The IDs may be tokens like PSUT in MOSIP
  • Can host multiple IDs associated with the same account. Eg.,
Account Number
  • If relationships between entries are supported in the DB, then the same can be used to show linkages between different IDs for a user (TBD)

SPAR Service

Service to manage several mapping-related tasks and provide APIs for users to connect and update their FA.


  • Authentication through eSignet via the OIDC interface
  • Display the current FA of the user
  • Option to add/update the FA and account details
  • Notification to users via email/SMS
  • Onboarding of authenticators like eSignet

SPAR with Mojaloop

SPAR implements Mojaloop Participant API (Oracle) as well. Thus SPAR can be used as a Mojaloop Oracle.

SPAR Self Service Portal

  • Front-end service for Web-based user interface to carry out above functions

Cash transfer using SPAR

Technical concepts

Configuration & deployment

Configuration Guide - TODO Link

Monitoring & Reporting

SPAR uses the Apache Superset for visualisation of data. Refer to Monitoring and Reporting for deployment and loading pre-configured dashboards.

User guides


API docs

Source code


Components under development:


Onboarding of consumer apps (like OpenG2P)

ID linking

  • Linking of SPAR PSUT with Application PSUT.
  • Consent page for users to map token for a time period specifically for an app (like OpenG2P)
  • Automatic deletion of records based on expiry set
  • Maintaining linkage status (reflected on the portal for the user)

Expiry handling


Account validation

SPAR does not keep any status of account validation. Primarily, the financial account validation must be performed at the upstream system like OpenG2P etc. The suggested way in which the upstream system can do the validation is by performing a small amount or a zero amount transfer if supported by banks. And the upstream system can maintain the status and inform the user appropriately so that he/she or the bank can update it accordingly.
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