OpenG2P Docs

Creating Diagrams


Creating editable diagrams in open formats using open source tools is challenging. Here, we suggest for creating diagrams and saving them directly in GitHub repository.

Creating new diagram

  • Fork openg2p-documentation repository to your local Github account.
  • On website choose Github as your storage.
  • Authorize the app on Github (follow the steps prompted). Select openg2p-documentation and the branch you wish to add your diagram.
  • Select the format of the diagram as .svg.
  • Select the repository, branch and .gitbook/assets folder to save the diagram.
  • Create the diagram and save - it will get git committed to your repository.
  • Send a Pull Request to OpenG2P/openg2p-documentation repo.
  • On the Gitbook documentation page insert the image as a URL. The URL in this case will be the complete GitHub URL of the image in raw format. E.g.
The link above may need to be updated if you move the documentation to another branch of the repository.