OpenG2P Docs

Post Install Instructions

Work in progress

Post-install setup

  • Once Odoo server is up, login as admin. And enter debug mode on odoo.
  • Go to Settings -> Technical -> System Parameters.
    • Confiugre web.base.url to your required base url.
    • Create another system parameter, with name web.base.url.freeze, and value True.
    • Create another system parameter, with name auth_oauth.authorization_header, and value True.
  • Go to Apps sections on UI, click on Update Apps List action on top.
  • Search through and install required G2P Apps & Modules.
  • After all apps are installed, proceed to create users and assigning roles.
  • Do not use admin user after this step. Log back in as regular user.
  • Configure ID Types on Registry -> Configuration.
  • WIP.