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OpenG2P Program Payment: G2P Connect Payment Manager

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OpenG2P Program Payment: G2P Connect Payment Manager

Technology base

Odoo and G2P Connect API (RESTful API)


The "g2p_payment_g2p_connect" module is an integral component of Odoo 15, integrated to streamline payment processes within the G2P Connect API.. It simplifies payment processing for each cycle.
  • Integration with G2P Connect API: This module seamlessly integrates with the G2P Connect API, allowing for secure and efficient payment transactions.
  • Cycle-Based Payments: Users can make payments for each cycle, ensuring timely and accurate disbursements.

Design notes

  • The G2P Connect module follows a modular and extensible design, making it easy to integrate with various payment systems and government-to-person (G2P) programs.

Relationships with other entities



  • g2p_registry_base
  • g2p_programs

User interface

Submenu: Program --> Configuration -->G2P Connect Payment Managers
G2P Connect Payment Managers: Configuration views for setting up G2P Connect .


To utilize the g2p_payment_g2p_connect module, configure the following settings within G2P Connect Payment Managers (Configuration Views):
Payment Endpoint URL: Specify the URL for payment disbursement.
API Timeout: Set the maximum time (in seconds) for the API request to complete.
Payer Financial Address: Enter the financial address of the payer.
Payer Name: Provide the payer's name.
Payee ID Field: Choose the field used as the payee's identification.
ID Type for Payee ID: Define the type of ID used for payees.
Payee Prefix: (Required only for All Options) Add a prefix to payee information.
Payee Suffix: (Required only for REG_ID) Add a suffix to payee information.
Locale: Set the locale for language and formatting preferences.

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Installation of the g2p_payment_g2p_connect module follows standard Odoo package installation procedures.
Copyright © 2023 OpenG2P. This work is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution International LicenseCC-BY-4.0 unless otherwise noted.