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NFS Server Setup


NFS-based storage is recommended for providing persistent storage volumes to Kubernetes Clusters and backing up data of sandbox/pilot environments.


  • One Virtual machine running on the same network as the rest of the nodes, and is accessible by them. For recommended configuration of the VM refer to Hardware Requirements.
  • Use this Storage size estimator to decide storage requirements


  • Download/copy this install script from https://github.com/mosip/k8s-infra/blob/main/nfs/install-nfs-server.sh into the NFS Server VM
  • Edit the script to change the local path for NFS Storage, under the variable nfsStorage
  • Run this (with root privileges):
  • Make sure to edit the firewall rules of this VM to enable incoming traffic to the NFS server port tcp 2049 and disable incoming traffic on all other ports (excluding SSH)
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