Mobile Registration App


The person's information is filled in ODK forms on Android devices and submitted to the backend for further processing. The ODK application is integrated with a QR code scanning application that enables an automatic population of KYC data of the person in the form along with verification of digital signature establishing the authenticity of the card.

Registration Process

  • Program creation

  • ODK form template creation

  • Upload of form to ODK Central

  • Assigning forms to agents

  • Field registration by the agent using ODK Collect on an Android tablet/phone.

  • Submission of form to ODK Central

  • Addition of record to the registry

  • ID verification and KYC

A high-level view of the administrator-driven registration approach is given below:


ODK is an open source toolkit that uses offline forms to collect data. ODK Collect is the client-side app while ODK Central is the server-side app. Learn more about ODK here.

Offline Registration Mode

OpenG2P offers mechanisms to carry out registrations on the field in areas where Internet connectivity may not be available.

Offline registration demo

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