Create Portal Form


This guide provides steps to create a new portal form for a program. This form will show up on the Self-Service Portal when the user selects a program to apply.


The user must have a Program Manager role. See Create User and Assign Role guide.


  1. Navigate to the Website using the menu bar.

  1. Click on Go to Website to navigate to the website home page.

  1. Click on the + New button to create new form.

  1. Click on Page to create a form.

  1. Enter the page title and click on Create button under New Page pop-up window.

  1. Drag and drop the Form in the Dynamic Content from the BLOCKS section.

  1. Edit the form fields from the STYLE section.

  1. Add more form fields using +Field from the STYLE section.

  2. Save the form using the Save button.

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