Install OpenG2P ERP

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Supported platforms

OpenG2P ERP runs on any platform that supports docker. See the docker documentation for the list of supported platforms

Installation Methods

The ERP can be installed either by: 1) running the docker image we provide, or 2) from source using our repo. You can always contact us for help.



We provide a docker image and docker compose that gets you up and running and is the easiest and recommended installation method. It does require you to have docker running on the target machine and know your way around docker; see the docker documentation.

git clone openg2p-erp
cd openg2p-erp

These files must be present before you run docker-compose:

  • ./.docker/odoo.env must define ADMIN_PASSWORD an administrative password for managing your ERP instance.
  • ./.docker/db-access.env must define PGPASSWORD password to your postgres database and should be equal to POSTGRES_PASSWORD below.
  • ./.docker/db-creation.env must define POSTGRES_PASSWORD (must be equal to PGPASSWORD above).

Use the provided example docker-example folder and set your passwords as explained above. Passwords should be random, and secure.

mv dot-docker-example .docker


Once these secret files are in place start the reverse proxy that boots traefik.

docker-compose -p inverseproxy -f inverseproxy-none-ssl.yaml up -d

Note: There is an SSL variant inverseproxy-ssl.yaml that is recommended when not running behind an SSL enabled gateway. This needs documenting

Then start up docker-compose.

docker-compose -f prod.yaml up -d

If installing for the first time, you will need to initialize the database

docker-compose run --rm odoo odoo --stop-after-init -i openg2p

Finally point your browser to http://your-domain and log in with the default credentials:

username: admin password: admin

Change your password immediately after login!

From Source

OpenG2P ERP is a set of addons extending Odoo to provide the functionalities necessary to managing large scale transfer programs. Consequently, it can be installed like any Odoo addon. However that needs some familiarity with installing and managing Odoo deployments that is outside the scope of this documentation.

To get started grap the OpenG2P ERP Addon Repo; we have also curated a list of community addons we depend on here.

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